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 Subject: Acceleration of clearing process for Reefer Container with chilled, frozen and perishable food

Stuffs upon arrival to the Port.

Reference is made to the minutes of Consultants Council of Jeddah Islamic Port in their meeting held on Tuesday 13/11/1435H (Equiv 07/10/2014) which discussed during the meeting the issue that some chilled and frozen cargoes remaining unclaimed at the port for long periods which causes damage to their contents and due importers are not finishing clearing process and pulling it out of the port. The Council recommended to circulate among all merchants, importers and ship agencies that the chilled and frozen containers which remain unclaimed inside the port for two weeks from date of arrival to the port, ship agents will be enabled to re-export them or be moved to Exceptional Auction.

Therefore, port management wish you urge importers to rush and finalize clearance and collection of their chilled, frozen containers and perishable food stuffs promptly within a period of (15) days from date of arrival and to emphasize that through co-ordination with related different GOV. departments working in the port ship agents will be compelled to re-export or move these cargoes to Exceptional Auction and as ship agents, you will have securities that reserve your rights as ship agent in accordance with the Circular from HE Minister of Transportation & Chairman of Saudi Ports Authority No.1327/34 dated 15/03/1428,

Thanking you.

General Manager, Jeddah Islamic Port

 Saher Bin Mouse Tahlawi