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 The weight of the container is required.

 Starting !st July 2016 the virification of the weight of the container is required. The responsable is the shipper or his agent ( forwarder).
 The International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently modified the SOLAS Convention for the safety of live at sea.
 From 1st July 2016 to load any packed container without the verification of the weight by the operator of the terminal or of the vessel shall be      considered a violation to the Convention and shall not be loaded.
 IMO adopted two amethodologies for calculating (VGM):
 - method 1 : weight the packed container with calibrated and certified scale (external procedure)
 - method 2 : precedure in five steps, obtained  adding the cargo weight ,the pallets,the fixing materials to the  tare weight of the container                (internal procedure ).


 -> VGM Declaration (pdf)


-> VGM Declaration (xls - M.Office)  [editable]



Egypt's central bank tightens import controls to boost local production

Cairo, 22 Dec.2015

Egypt's central bank will tighten import regulations from January in a bid to support local manufacturing and better preserve its dwindling foreign currency reserves.Egypt, which depends on imports, has faced a currency crisis since a 2011 uprising drove foreign investors and tourists away. Hard currency reserves have more than halved $16.4 billion since then.

The decision excludes imports of medicine, foods, and other essential goods such as wheat.


More details:

(Reporting by Asma Alsharif and Ehab Farouk, editing by Louise Heavens)


As of October 1st,

Libyan authorities obligate an ECTN for all shipments with destination Libya.

The ECTN is applicable to FCL, LCL, break bulk and ro/ro cargo going to all ports in Libya.


These waiver certificates (also known as ECTN – Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) are required by certain African countries to effectively control, supervise and manage import / export traffic to the country. Waiver documents have full details of the exporter/ importer, shipping method (containerised, groupage etc), type and value of goods being transported, name of vessel and cost of freight for the shipment. These waivers are dealt with by the importer or exporter and must be filed before the cargo arrives at its port of discharge.


By signing the contract with Antaser International Group, the Minister of Finance and the director of Customs of the State of Libya assigned the issuance and management of the ECTN for Libya to the Antaser International Group.

For all shipments to and from Libya (all cargo in transit included), the shipper or his forwarder are required to issue an ECTN in the port of loading and submit it to Antaser for validation.
Each Bill of Lading must be covered by at least one ECTN and its unique number needs to be inserted in the Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest under penalty of fines for the shipping line.


The ECTN must be issued and validated at the loading port and are elemental for the import custom clearance upon arrival.
Cargoes not covered by a valid ECTN will not be cleared through the local Customs until presentation of the final ECTN and appropriate fines will be charged.


This new regulation takes effect as from October 1st 2015(date of Bill of Lading).
Shippers/forwarders are requested to register at the Antaser website or to use their existing username and password for their Antaser log in to start issuing ECTN’s for Libya.
For any further information,
contact us at +39 0733 645757 or

All goods and services imported to Libya will require a Certificate of Inspection,

following publication of a Resolution (No. 96 of year 2015) by the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya on May 10, 2015, 

The new Resolution regulates the use of foreign exchange for opening documentary Letters of Credit (LC). With immediate effect, all goods and services imported to Libya must present a Certificate of Inspection (CoI) issued by an international inspection company, in order to be financed through a documentary LC from a commercial bank.

More information is available through the main international inspection agencies.

Source: Credimpex

To the  Saudi Importers of refrigerated food stuff:

kindly read carefully the circular letter of Jeddah Port Authority regarding the free time for the reefer containers of food stuff.


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