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 The weight of the container is required.

 Starting !st July 2016 the virification of the weight of the container is required. The responsable is the shipper or his agent ( forwarder).
 The International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently modified the SOLAS Convention for the safety of live at sea.
 From 1st July 2016 to load any packed container without the verification of the weight by the operator of the terminal or of the vessel shall be      considered a violation to the Convention and shall not be loaded.
 IMO adopted two amethodologies for calculating (VGM):
 - method 1 : weight the packed container with calibrated and certified scale (external procedure)
 - method 2 : precedure in five steps, obtained  adding the cargo weight ,the pallets,the fixing materials to the  tare weight of the container                (internal procedure ).


 -> VGM Declaration (pdf)


-> VGM Declaration (xls - M.Office)  [editable]